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Nurture imagination and creative talents

Nurturing the imaginations and creative talents of students and teachers in their places of learning.

Designed by teachers

Designed by teachers, for the benefit of those we are privileged to educate.

Enable students

Enables students, teachers and places of learning to showcase their learning experiences and achievements.


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Provides a safe environment for schools to share the outstanding achievements of the teachers and students within their learning communities.


Places teachers at the forefront of inspiring the students under their tuition.


Enables students and teachers to observe and learn from the experiences and achievements of their peers.


Enables parents and carers to observe the learning experiences and achievements their child makes and track their progress in real time.


Enables students and teachers to showcase their creative talents, skills and imaginations for the benefit of their peers and each other.

Archive & Track

Enables students and teachers to archive their learning experiences and achievements, track their own progress and make comparisons with their peers in order to improve.

Share & Inspire

Enables students and teachers to share their learning experiences in order to inspire each other.

Nurture a Passion

Enables teachers to nurture a life long passion for learning in the students they teach.

About Us

Over the last two years, we the teachers and students at St. James' Catholic High School have designed and built The Learning Portfolio for the purpose of enabling the students and teachers at our school to showcase and share the outstanding teaching and learning experiences and achievements that occur within our learning community on a daily basis.


We are in no doubt that what occurs within our school occurs in other places of learning. Our wish is to provide a platform that will enable other educational establishments to showcase their experiences and achievements.

We believe there is nothing more important than ensuring the next generation of learners are educated and enthused with a life-long passion for learning and there is no role more important than that of the teacher entrusted to nurture that passion.

We believe that schools are places of limitless talent and potential. We aim to use the talent within our school to develop The Learning Portfolio further for the benefit of students and teachers everywhere.

St James' Catholic High School

Images courtesy of Matt Eachus

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